The term SPECIALTY COFFEE was first used in the 1970’s, to describe coffee beans which have complex flavors and are grown in special microclimates.

These coffees carry a wide range of notable tactile characteristics due to their variety, their terroir (soil and climate of their growing locations), as well as their careful harvesting and processing. When all these elements come together flawlessly, the result is an outstanding product that allows coffee making and drinking to reach new dimensions.

With appropriate roasting (well-developed, but not too dark), and careful brewing, we can reveal the exciting aromas and flavours that lie in Arabica varieties, allowing coffee consumers to dive into tasting these fascinating diversities, as well as the reasons behind them.

Besides high quality product, specialty coffee as a community is about other good practices too: direct and fair trade, farmers' recognition, promoting small businesses, sharing knowledge, scientific research, and innovation in coffee equipment and beverages.