Pairing single origin coffees with fine spirits is another great way to enjoy specialty coffee, and an experience we find important to share with others.

After you try our signature Mint Julep: a complex single origin filter coffee with a nice Bourbon, topped with fresh lime juice and mint leaves, OR The Agent Cooper: double espresso, Grand Marnier, and St. Germain shaken and served with a splash of dark beer and an orange peel, you’ll definitely want to share the experience with your friends, relatives, or coworkers. 

Entertain your guests with an all night coffee & cocktail service, or make selections from our Specialty Coffee Cocktail library for a crowd warming welcome drink or a special dinner party digestif. 

Tell us what you have in mind and we can work together to find or create the perfect drinks for your dinner party, wedding, business conference, or any event where you want to treat your guests with something special.